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LGST 369 - Commercial Law 

Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes 2024 


(Optional Reading Text)

McInnes, M., Kerr, Ian R., VanDuzer, J. Anthony, and Lavoie, M., (2023). Managing the Law: The Legal Aspects of Doing Business (6th Ed.). Toronto: Pearson.


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Athabasca University - LGST 369: Commercial Law

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024



    Athabasca University

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    LGST 369

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    Commercial Law

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    Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes



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    This revision guide for LGST 369 - Commercial Law at Athabasca University, offers a comprehensive exploration of all topics covered in the course - including contract law, tort law, and consumer law. It emphasizes the significant impact of law on business decision-making and operations, as well as the intricate dynamics between businesses and regulatory authorities. The guide delves into the fundamental legal principles shaping key areas of business, such as agreements, liability, property rights, legal environments, contracts, and business torts. It also explains how these laws are enforced by government agencies across various administrative levels. Designed to enhance comprehension of how laws protect both businesses and consumers, the guide prepares students for real-world scenarios where they may need to apply these laws. 

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