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BLAW 2910: Commercial Law 

Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes 2023 


Texts/ Materials: 

  • Buchan, J., et al. (The Business Law Group). (2012). Canadian Business Law (2nd ed.). Emond Montgomery Publications. 


Online Support & Private Tutoring:  

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💡  Recommended Course Pairing 

ACCT 2210, ECON 1900, ECON 2320, FNCE 2120, and STAT 1200.

Pairing BLAW 2910 with these courses broadens your understanding of business, fostering comprehensive knowledge.

Thompson Rivers University - BLAW 2910: Commercial Law

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024 



    Thompson Rivers University 

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    BLAW 2910

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    Commercial Law

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    Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes


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    This study guide is designed to comprehensively cover the BLAW 2910: Commercial Law course at Thompson Rivers University. It aims to deepen your understanding of the key legal principles that influence business decisions and operations. The guide explores the relationship between businesses and regulatory bodies, providing a clear view of how these legal principles are applied. It delves into crucial areas of business law such as contract law, tort law, and consumer law, with a focus on the fundamental legal principles that govern these areas. Whether you're reviewing the material for a deeper understanding or gearing up for the final exam, this guide is crafted to boost your comprehension and aid in your academic achievement. 
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