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AP/ADMS 2610 - Elements of Law: Part One 

Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes 2024 


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Contemporary Canadian Business Law: Principles and Cases (2020), 12th Edition, by J.A. Willes & J.H. Willes, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson. 


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York University - AP/ADMS 2610: Elements of Law: Part One

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024



    York University


    School of Administrative Studies

    Course Code

    AP/ADMS 2610

    Course Name

    Elements of Law: Part One

    Notes Title

    Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes



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    This is a complete summary of everything that is examinable for the AP/ADMS 2610: Elements of Law - Part One, York University. Within this document, you will find a comprehensive evaluation of the examinable topics for the course. You will learn and discover how the law affects business decision-making and operations. It does so by examining a number of fundamental legal principles that impinge upon key business areas such as contract law, tort law, and consumer law. It also considers the relationship between business and regulators. This guide is extremely helpful for you to revise all the topics and to prepare for your assessments and the final examination.
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