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ADM 3360: Business Law

Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes 2023


Prescribed Textbook: 

Duplessis, D., O'Byrne, S., King, P., Adams, L., & Enman, S. (2019). Canadian Business and the Law (7th ed.). Nelson Education Limited.


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University of Ottawa - ADM 3360: Business Law

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024



    University of Ottawa

    Study Level


    Course Code

    ADM 3360

    Course Name

    Business Law 

    Guide Title

    Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes


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    The revision guide and course notes for ADM 3360: Business Law, 2023 edition, are specifically designed for University of Ottawa students, offering a comprehensive resource to understand key legal concepts. The guide offers extensive coverage of essential areas such as contract law, tort law, and consumer law, demonstrating their practical application in the business world. The notes are a strategic tool for exam preparation, significantly enhancing understanding and deep comprehension of the course material. The content of the guide is carefully selected to align with exam topics, making it a valuable resource for students aiming to excel in their midterms and final exams, as well as to fully understand the course content. 
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